Charleston, South Carolina

Fine Tuned Structures teamed with Curry Engineers, for the design of a luxury apartment building in downtown Charleston. The Architect is Nathan Schutte AIA, who is team leader of McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture commercial studio. The building is composed of two 4-story residential towers supported on a platform slab over on grade parking. Total area is approximately 60,000 sq. ft. The two towers are connected with enclosed multi story bridge anchored at the platform slab. Fine Tuned Structures is responsible for the design and detailing of the transfer slab, all reinforced concrete shear walls and foundations. Curry Engineers is responsible for the design and detailing of all wood framed floors above the post-tensioned transfer slab. Design was completed in July 2016. Construction is expected to start soon.


Spinnaker Welcome Center

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Fine Tuned Structures is the Structural Engineer of Record for a new welcome and sales office in downtown Hilton Head Island for the Spinnaker Resorts. The building is 7,500 sq. ft. one story structure. The main structural system is light frame bearing wall type with wood shear walls and wood roof trusses forming the diaphragm. The soils at the site are prone to liquefaction therefore the engineering team designed the slab on grade as structural slab that can support itself and all applied loads in case full soil bearing is lost. The strip footings under the load bearing walls are supported on lines of proprietary helical piers to mitigate the liquefaction risk. The piers are installed with small equipment that can work in this environmentally sensitive construction site home to great angle oak trees and marshes. The Architect for the project is General Design, Inc. of Branson, Missouri. The design was completed in August, 2016 and the Construction is expected to start later in the year.


Pruitt Health Addition

Rome, Georgia

Fine Tuned Structures is the Structural Engineer of Record for another assisted living project. project in team with the assisted living studio in the Charleston office of McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture. This is our ninth project with this team in the last 3 years. We are excited and grateful of our business relationship with Mr. Stuart Barber the studio leader and his team. This new project is an addition to an existing facility. The addition is approximately 12,000 sq. ft. one story structure with light gauge load bearing walls and roof trusses. Strip and spread footings are the choice for foundations. All construction documents are generated with Autodesk Revit. Design development phase was completed and the project is currently in construction development.


Kingsley Town Center

Fort Mill, South Carolina

Fine Tuned Structures teams with Darden Engineering Services to provide the structural design for three 29,000 sq. ft. buildings part of phase II on Narmour Wright Architecture of Charlotte, North Carolina. Fine Tuned Structures is responsible for the design of the transfer slabs, all structural elements supporting these slabs and foundations. Darden Engineering Services is responsible for the design and detailing two story wood frame structure supported by the transfer slabs. The buildings are mix-use with one story commercial and parking spaces and two story of residential apartment units. The project is in permit phase with design almost completed. Construction is expected in early 2017.