Lusail Katara Hotel, Doha Qatar A group of FTS structural engineers were part of Kling Consult’s multinational A/E team for the design of this landmark structure. Led by its manager Mr. Markus Daffner Kling Consult (KC) won the unique project in direct competition with such top firms as SOM. Under the leadership of KC’s chief engineer Mr. Matthias Mika FTS team assisted in the preliminary structural design of this iconic five and six star hotel in Doha. Designed to resemble the Qatar coat of arms, this state-of-the-art structure mandated an unusual engineering approach. The building required wind tunnel study and presented numerous challenges for the design team. The structural engineers had to rely solely on the stiffness of the main cores running the full height of the building to control the natural lean back tendency of the towers and to fit into the eccentric architectural floor plans. The team used BIM technology with a central Revit file linked to all disciplines and the structural analytical models. The overall building height exceeds 660 ft with a luxury restaurant located on the top floor of the 6 star hotel tower. The project’s construction budged is estimated at USD 1.75 billion. The Lusail Katara Hotel is scheduled to open for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.