White Oak Wellness Center, Spartanburg SC is approximately 13,000 square ft. assisting living facility. The Architect of Record is the well-known Charleston firm of Goff D’Antonio Associates. The main structure is composed of load bearing concrete masonry walls supporting hip roof and mechanical platform nested within the roof. The building has a dual function: therapy and wellness center. To separate these two occupancy types very strict fire safety requirements were established by the project Architect that created some challenges for the structural engineering team which otherwise would deal with fairly simple structure. The roof structure is divided on combustible and non-combustible zones. Light gage steel roof trusses are used where the Architect required non-combustible materials. Regular pre-engineered roof trussed and exposed glulam trusses were used for the rest of the building. Fully grouted masonry wall extending to the roof sheathing served as firewall between the two occupancies. Intermediate reinforced masonry shear walls were used for the lateral load resisting system. The entire building is supported on strip footings. Design team used Revit BIM software which greatly improved production and simplified coordination between all team players. The project was completed in 2012.